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Gear & Rates

Owned Lighting:
4Bank Fluorescent (daylight/tungsten)
1'x1' LED (daylight)
Strip LED (daylight)
150w Metal Halide Fresnel (daylight)
3x 300w LTM Pepper Fresnel
2x 250w Lowel Pro Light
           1x Speed ring
1k Lowel DP
           Speed ring
2x Altman 3.5Q 500w Ellipsoidal (Leko)
2x 750w LowelTota Light (flood)
           2x Speed ring
500w Lowel V-Light (flood)
2x 1k Open-faced (Redhead)
2x 2k Open-faced (Blonde)
2x 18" LanternLock
2x 24" Lanternlock
LiteGear Bi-Color LiteRibbon
A large variety of light controls (softboxes, gels, scrims, silks, flags, flexfills, etc.)
A large variety of stands, grip and electric gear (dimmers, stingers, etc.)

My full owned lighting package is a kit I have assembled as a versatile but not overblown setup.  It alone has suited me for years lighting a variety of different types of projects, including documentary interviews, narrative films, music videos, commercials and more.  When load-in specs require, I can break this package down into a variety of mini-kits.  These come in handy when loading in "through the front" is required.  Whenever needed, however, any additional specialized lighting and grip can be hired in at very competitive rates from local rental houses that I've built relationships with.

Owned Camera Gear:
Sony PXW-X70 (XAVC/50mbps, 4k, 1080p/i)
GoPro HERO4 Black 4K Action Camera
Canon EOS HDSLR System (1080/24p, 1080/30p, 720/60p, 720/30p)
            Prime and zoom lenses ranging from 18-500mm (regular and macro)
            Lensbaby Composer Pro (Sweet 35 & Double Glass 50mm)
            Digital Audio Recorder
            3x Wireless lavalier systems
            Shotgun w/ boompole
            Wired lavalier
            Sennheiser MKE 400 mini shotgun microphone
Various camera supports
            Fluid Head Tripod
EyeDirect Eye-focusing device (for natrual into-the-lens eye contact)
Panasonic DVX100A (DV 480/24p)
7" LCD Monitor
Ikegami 9” CRT production monitor
On-camera 50w Daylight LED light

Other cameras and gear can be hired in at competitive rates from local rental houses I’ve developed relationships with.  Get in touch to talk details for your specific project.


Rates vary due to a number of factors including (but not limited to) scope, length, gear, content, etc.  Contact me to discuss your project and we’ll get things moving.

*All equipment is for wet hire only.  Dry hire is not available.*