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10 November, 2010

Velvet Noir

Here's another Kinetic Fin video I shot.  It's the release of Gevalia Coffee's newest flavor, Velvet Noir, and the finale to a great social media campaign helmed by the guys at Kinetic Fin.

Producer: Bradley Farrell
Cameras: Me, Gene Sanchez, Brian Durand, Bradley Farrell
Sound: Rob Albrecht
Editor: Gene Sanchez
Decorator: Deirdre Farrell
Production Company: Kinetic Fin

The release party was originally supposed to take place in the naming contest winner's home, but for a couple of reasons, that changed and we were relocated to this dim restaurant.  I was able to throw up a couple of lights for the step and repeat (1 diffused 300w fresnel key and 1 more diffused and scrimmed for back), but even that was tough considering I needed to keep things out of the way of the working wait staff.  For the areas around the tables, I wasn't permitted to light (which I understand - hey, it's a party!).  I was allowed to light a little in the area where the brand manager does her talking to.  All I used for that was a couple of cleverly-hidden 12" chinese lanterns with 100w household bulbs.  We shot this with 2 5Ds, my 550D, and an HVX200.  The incredible sensitivity of the DSLRs was key for this location.  It allowed me to light with smaller fixtures and in some cases, not light at all (beyond adjusting the locations built in lighting).

More to come...