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06 March, 2011

Art Upstate

Here's a link to a great art video I worked on with Philip Dolin of Particle Productions/Circle Terrific Media.  It's a short doc about Sherry & Joel Mallin and their amazing outdoor art collection on their expansive estate in Bedford, NY.

On this piece, I shot b-cam for the sit-down interview and a bit of the walk and talk stuff.  Then, as the D.P. and producers continued with the subjects, I roamed the grounds and did beauty work - the landscape, full coverage on the art (details, wides, etc.).  It was a lot of fun to be able to just set off and shoot.

Produced, directed & edited by Philip Dolin & Molly Bernstein
Director of Photography:  Mead Hunt
B-Cam, 2nd Unit Photography:  Me
Location Sound:  Mark Mandler
Production Company:  Circle Terrific Media

**For the geeks, the A-cam was a Sony PDW700, and the B-cam was an EX1.