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30 July, 2010

Versatility (a quickie)

Part of what I love about DSLR for video is the versatility of the cameras.  They can be built up to the size of a full-size cinema camera or used in a very simple, compact configuration.

A Cinvate rig
My 550D mini setup
Case in point, my normal bag (below, left) comes with me with all my lenses, the Hoodloupe, battery grip, charger, cards, cables and more.  Today, however, I'm heading out to shoot some Second Unit stuff for a feature (getting NYC establishing shots and more) and I want to stay very light, so I packed a tiny camera case with just the camera body, 24mm, 58mm, and 100mm lenses, cards and 3 charged batteries.  This package is less than half the size of the usual kit and will work perfectly for my needs today.  Love it :)


15 July, 2010