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25 November, 2012

Busy vs. Social Media

Looked at my site today and I realized that it's been a while since I've posted a proper post.  It reminded me of the funny balance of being busy and looking busy.  Any casual viewer of my site might think I haven't had anything worth posting about, but the truth is, it's been too busy to post...  I've been working on a large corporate gig, a few more art videos, and doing some TV work for some Discovery Channel recreation crime shows.  I've been able to tweet fun stuff from these jobs, including pictures from the set and other things worth sharing, but that's all on my smart phone.  It's difficult to actually get some time to sit down and write a post.  Hopefully by moving my Twitter feed to a more featured location, it will help convey that I am actually working, even if I'm not posting a lot on this blog.

Here's something new, another art video I recently shot for Particle Productions:

Produced and directed by Philip Dolin
Lighting cameraman: Me
Sound recordist: Ben Berger
Production Company: Particle Productions