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22 June, 2011

Recent stuff...

Been a busy few weeks:

-Shot an interview in NYC for an NHK Japan Special Documentary regarding the nuclear crisis over there.  Had to light and shoot according to a formula they use - basically matching the look of their pieces.  Also encountered one of the first really good reasons not to bring on a sound mixer.  "Oh, it's going to be dubbed into Japanese, so it's really not worth it."

-Gaffed a video for Bayer (Aspirin co.) for DP, Roger Grange.  Another situation where we had to match a look, except this was even more precise.  The client (a great, top-tier marketing co.) had a swatch for the color of blue on the background that we had to replicate.  The result was great, though, and it was a short, relatively easy short with some great people I like to work with.

-[Almost] shot a spectacular interview with former NHL star, Sheldon Kennedy for "Coached Into Silence."  We arrived, loaded in, set up a wonderful shot and then found out that of the 12 different people the producer confirmed with at the location (to remain nameless), none of them really had any say in the matter.  Kennedy and his friend/colleague Wayne McNeil gunned so hard for us at the location, but ultimately the location didn't budge and none of the aforementioned 12 answered their phones that day...  Ultimately, the crew got to sit down with Sheldon and Wayne a bit to figure out what was next.  The situation really seemed to set Kennedy and McNeil on fire and they offered to secure us location in Toronto that would be even better (and more relevant) than the pompous, elitist one that had ignored our efforts here in NY.  Air Canada Centre, here we come!

-Shot a music video in Tribecca for local artist, Andrew Watt.  Kinetic Fin got me involved with this one and though it was a lot of work, I think something cool will come of it.  Also got to meet a couple of really great people in the process.  AND on top of it all, 2 hours before wrapping on the last day (and leaving Tribecca for a very long spell - I don't make it down there much), I ran into a friend I haven't seen in 10 years.  So random...

That's it so far.  This Sunday, I'm headed off to Phoenix with Matt Johnston from Kinetic Fin for the PDMA Conference on Social Product Development & Co-Creation.  Should be a good time.

More good stuff on the horizon... keep checking in...

10 June, 2011

New Doc Reel

Here's the new doc reel, a montage of clips from various projects through June 2011.